Whole Home Surge ProtectorPower surges are more common than you think. Some are quite dangerous, and others (that occur daily) can cause serious damage to electric gadgets and appliances we’ve all grown dependent on. A whole home surge protector safeguards your home—and all the expensive electrical equipment inside— from the damage caused by power surges.

When a total home surge protector is mounted directly onto your electrical service panel, you gain peace of mind. It’s a simple, safe and remarkably economical solution that every homeowner should invest in.

Sun Electrical technicians are complete home surge protection experts. We’ve addressed countless power surge problems in the Calgary area and fully understand the systems that can prevent damage resulting from power surges.

Sun Electrical installs whole home surge protectors in Calgary, AB, and surrounding areas.

Sun Electrical provides whole home surge protector installation and service in Calgary, AB, and surrounding areas.

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What Is a Whole Home Surge Protector?

So, what exactly are whole home surge protectors?

A whole home surge protector is a “surge protection device” (or SPD) that is mounted to your main electrical panel. It suppresses voltage spikes, only allowing safe electrical currents into your home. As a result, whole house surge protectors shield your entire home from damaging power surges.

A whole house surge protector is more advanced than ordinary power strips. It is your home’s first line of defence, protecting your appliances, computer equipment, HVAC systems, etc., from damage caused by power surges.

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What Is a Power Surge?

A power surge is an electrical current that spikes to a voltage beyond an acceptable level.

The standard power voltage in Canada and throughout North America is 120 V. The actual voltage level does not remain constant, though. Instead, it fluctuates between 0 and 169 volts. Anything over 169 is considered a power surge. These power surges happen quickly, lasting fractions of a second.

When large voltage spikes occur in a home, they can be dangerous and potentially start a fire. More often, though, smaller spikes are delivered to the electrical devices in your home. This is a continual process that can happen up to several times a day. Over time, these small repeated surges degrade and eventually destroy your appliances. You may notice issues like a malfunctioning circuit board on your dryer or the emergence of electrical short circuits.

What Types of Power Surges Occur in Calgary?

Here in Calgary, power surges originate inside and outside our homes. Our fluctuating weather is undoubtedly a factor, but the sources of power surges are many, including:

  • Lightning and Severe Weather
  • Blackouts and Power Outages
  • Faulty Home Wiring
  • Device Switching (On/Off Cycling of Home Devices)
  • Power Grid Switching and Transformer Issues
  • Damaged Power Lines

Why Should I Invest in Surge Protection for My Calgary Home?

There are many reasons to invest in whole-home surge protection. With home surge protection, you can avoid the risk of fire, safely use multiple devices simultaneously, extend the life of your appliance, and reduce electrical repair costs.

In a nutshell, the system will defend your entire home from the damage power surges cause. And, you’ll save money in the long run.

Sun Electrical Installs Whole Home Surge Protectors in Calgary

For whole home surge protector installation, Calgary residents turn to Sun Electrical.

Your family’s safety is paramount, and we want you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a fully-functional, extremely safe electrical system. So, don’t wait for your home appliances to fail, or worse, a dangerous lightning strike to occur. Contact us to have a whole house protection device installed today.

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