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Our Electrical Rates

Here are some of the questions we get from our customers about how our rates work.

  1. How much do you charge for your electrical services?
  2. What about giving me a rough estimate over the phone?
  3. What time will my electrician arrive?

Q: How much do you charge for your electrical services?

Unfortunately we can’t answer that until we see your home, as they’re all wired differently.

888The good news is that once we do see what the situation is, we’re able to give you the full amount up front, including labour. There are no added fees of any kind or hourly rates that leave you guessing. The quote will include separate line items for all the parts, labour etc.

Once you approve the quote, we go to work.

Our customers tell us that they really prefer this, especially the people who’ve faced hidden charges from other companies.

Q: What about giving me a rough estimate over the phone?

We DO provide “rough” estimates over the phone. We would love to give you an idea of the costs to add a new light switch, replace a ceiling light or update your electrical panel, but we need to be careful when providing quotes “sight unseen”. It’s especially difficult to diagnose or troubleshoot repair issues over the phone, as there can often be multiple causes/issues.

Electrical installation services will cost different amounts, depending on the size of the task and the supplies needed for your particular situation.

A larger home may need more feet of wire to provide power for a new light fixture, for example. Or, in some cases, there are different options that would save in different ways, and we want to ensure you can make an informed choice. For example, one type of system may save more energy in the long run over another alternative. Or one type of circuit panel may be more expensive than another, but it is better made, safer, or may have “more room to grow” later if you want to add more circuits.

In short, it can be almost impossible to provide an accurate estimate for electrical work without seeing how your home is wired, and knowing in detail what you want. We will do our best to provide as accurate an estimate as possible – simply give us a call or send us a message!

Q: What time will my electrician arrive?

When you book an appointment with us, we’ll give you a time window for either the morning or the afternoon. We’ll also phone you one hour in advance to confirm we’re on our way.

We would love to give you a more exact time, but we can’t for a number of reasons:

  1. Traffic can be unpredictable. Also, a GPS tracking system in all our trucks holds our drivers accountable for driving safely, so they can’t be tempted to go beyond legal speeds or take chances with lights.
  2. When we’re in a customer’s home, we want to give them our full attention and do the job properly. That can sometimes take a little longer than expected – which is why we quote the full price up front.
  3. We get some customers who want us to take care of additional issues in their homes since we’re already there. We’re nice folks, so we like to at least provide an assessment of the situation for them.

If you have a Sun electrician in your home, we want you to rest assured that you are getting 100% of their attention and expertise.

If you have any other questions about our services and how they work, we’d be happy to provide more information for you!

Just give us a call or ask us online.

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