electrical panelUpgrading your electrical panel or your entire electrical service can increase your enjoyment of your home, but it’s work that needs to be done safely. Our certified electricians will provide you with a no-cost, up front quote that covers every aspect of your upgrade.

These include:

  • Plans for an overhead service if required
    • Overhead mast
    • Overhead stack
  • Sizing of your new service
    • 100 amp
    • 200 amp
  • Number of circuits required in your new electrical panel
  • Running new feeds to your panel to help separate circuits (if possible)
  • Separation of “doubled-up” circuit breakers
  • Installation of GFCI dead-fronts if required (on homes where wiring contains no ground wire)
  • Bonding of all water lines and gas lines (if accessible)
  • Provisions for grounding your new service
  • Installation of whole home surge suppression

Are Your Panels Safe?

Over time, your electrical panel experiences ongoing heat, plus changes in temperature. This causes expansion and contraction which can definitely loosen electrical terminations.

This is a concern to the home owner because when current passes through a loose termination it causes more heat than your circuit conductors and terminations are rated for. This in essence could cause a fire.

With Sun Electrical’s Electrical Distribution inspection, the electrician will confirm all terminations are tightened and as well will identify any other non-ideal conditions. Through our 28 point inspection checklist, we will bring to light any concerns along with recommendations and upfront pricing.

Whole Home Surge Suppression

Our homes contain washers, dryers, ranges, microwaves, televisions, computers, etc. all with sensitive electronics inside. As many homeowners know, Calgary is susceptible major storms that can cause all kinds of surges entering their home through the utility power line.

Storms are not the only source of electrical surges. Surges can arise from failed distribution equipment owned by the utility, or even within the home. Malfunctioning appliances can cause overcurrent conditions that feed back into your electrical panel and potentially into other electronics causing fatal damages.

Satisfaction GuaranteedProtect Your Investment

You could save potentially thousands of dollars in electrical panel replacement costs with an investment like a whole home surge suppressor.

By installing a whole home surge suppressor, you are protected with another line of defense against all of these sources of electrical surge.

We offer two separate options we offer for surge suppression:

  • 100kA – This provides the recommended general protection level for most homes in Calgary.
  • 36kA – This is more acute protection for smaller electronics. It’s important to remember that this level is more susceptible to tripping and therefore could require more frequent replacement.

Ask the Experts at Sun Electrical

Not sure if your home’s electrical supply system is safe and reliable? Concerned about protecting your home and your electronic equipment? Ask our certified electricians about the options that make sense for you.