Emergency ElectricianWhen your power goes out, it can have the potential to cause damage to you or your property. If your Calgary home or business has any electrical emergencies, it’s important to have reliable service from a team of certified electricians that will get you back up and running.

At Sun Electrical, our mission is to help homeowners, and business owners in the Calgary area live and work better by providing worry-free electrical emergency services. Our guarantee is simple: big or small, we’ll keep working until your electrical issues are solved.

Sun Electrical provides emergency electrical services in Calgary, AB, and surrounding areas.

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The best way to prevent the need for emergency electrical services is to keep your electrical system in good repair. No service job or trouble-shooting call is too big or small for Sun Electrical.

Our certified Cochrane electricians will help diagnose any issues and provide professional electrical repairs and services.

Electrical Inspections

Regular inspections of your electrical system is a good way to help keep your home safe. To prevent any unpleasant surprises, homeowners can benefit from keeping an electrical inspection checklist on hand. This will help you identify and document any faulty electrical devices or other issues throughout your entire home. Defective wiring or faulty cables pose the risk of becoming electrical hazards, so if you notice anything like that, it’s best to schedule electrical repairs.
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Electrical Panel Inspections

If you have an older electrical panel that needs upgrading, the constant expansion and contraction of temperature changes over the years can loosen the electrical components inside. If a current passes through a loose termination, it can cause more heat than your circuit breaker is rated for, which is a serious fire hazard. To prevent this type of electrical emergency, be sure to schedule an inspection. Sun Electrical’s skilled Chestermere electricians will confirm if all the terminations are tight, if you need a panel replacement and identify any other potential electrical problems that need immediate attention.
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Wiring Repair & Installation

Older homes might be wired inefficiently or dangerously (such as if you have aluminum wiring), or have a severely degraded electrical system. Upgrading the wiring in your home will help prevent short circuits or circuit failures, keep everything up to code, and ensure that you don’t experience property damage from an electrical fire.
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Lighting Repair & Installation

Are your lights not working properly? Do you have a broken switch or outlet? If you’re not experiencing a power outage, but some or all of your lights aren’t working properly, give us a call for light fixture installation. but even dealing with the simple inconvenience of not having any light is enough of a reason to get in touch with our 24 hour emergency services.

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Outlet Repair & Installation

If you’re experiencing an electrical shock, spark, or another electrical problem when you plug something into an outlet, you should call an electrician. Faulty outlets can cause serious damage to your appliances or electrical devices. If you see smoke coming from an outlet, or scorch marks, discoloration, or melted areas, call for emergency electrical outlet repairs.

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Frequently Asked Emergency Electrical Questions

Electrical emergencies can be caused by a variety of factors, and have the potential to cause severe damage to your property, or you and your family. Never attempt to fix or repair any electrical emergencies—contact Sun Electrical for 24 hour emergency electrical services. 

Call us immediately if you’re experiencing any of the following electrical problems:

  • Circuit breaker tripping
  • Exposed live wires 
  • Water in contact with electrical components
  • Buzzing, sizzling, or crackling sound, or burning smell or smoke coming from outlets or light fixtures
  • Frequent power surges to your entire home or to areas of your home
  • Sparking outlets or light fixtures
  • Power loss or power interruption to electrical devices
  • Electrical shocks from appliances or electrical devices
  • Flickering lights or lights that won’t work

You should always make a call to an electrician if you’re experiencing any power loss or electrical emergency. Electrical fires can quickly cause severe damage to your home or property, and personal injury from shocks or burns are a dangerous possibility.

Contact Sun Electrical! – Calgary’s Expert Eletricians

We offer 24/7 emergency electrical service for any damaged or malfunctioning electrical system. Don’t let your property suffer from an electrical emergency! Get a skilled Sun Electrical electrician to evaluate your issues, and rest easy knowing that any potentially dangerous system or appliance will be taken care of properly.

Our personal guarantee to you is that if the system isn’t working as designed, we’ll repair or replace it for free. We stand behind our work and our ability to give you the best possible service.
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