Commercial buildings can have hundreds of light fixtures, and thousands of lamps. Interior and exterior lighting is required to be working at optimal levels not only for operating efficiency of your business, but also for safety.

At Sun Electrical, we can help you determine the cost of your existing lighting system, and show you the cost savings of upgrading to LED (light emitting diode) lights. Interior and exterior fixtures can be changed over to cost-saving LED fixtures that will pay for themselves over time.

Our certified electricians are ready to help you with this cost analysis, and show you the various options that you can choose from to upgrade your lighting system. LED upgrades are generally maintenance free, good for the environment, and ultimately good for your bottom line.

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Lamp and Ballast Replacement

Replacing lamps and ballasts can be costly year after year. Some fixtures are hard to reach, and either large ladders or lifts are required in order to service these lights. The cost of operating these lights comes right off of your bottom line.

Finding time to manage your facilities lighting can be difficult. At Sun Electrical, we can help keep your lighting system running at 100%. We can provide and install new ballasts and new lamps in your lights. From interior fluorescent lighting, or exterior metal halide, and everything in between, our certified electricians can maintain your lighting needs.

We believe in delivering quality workmanship with a friendly approach. Best of all, our installations are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee – if it doesn’t perform as designed, we’ll fix or replace it for free.

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