Take 5% off the invoice for updating your aluminum wiring – Expires May 31st 2020

Did You Know: Aluminum Wiring requires aluminum specific plugs, switches and outlets.

Aluminum wiring was used extensively in Canada from the mid 1960’s through the mid 1970’s. Initially, aluminum wiring was chosen for its lower cost compared to the more expensive copper wiring. Your house may be wired completely with aluminum or copper, or a combination of both.


Aluminum wire is not as good of an electrical conductor as copper, so a larger wire is used. For example, 12 guage aluminum wire has about the same capacity as a 14 guage copper wire. The outer covering of the cable will be marked about every 12 inches with the word aluminum or an abbreviation such as “ALUM” or “AL. Wall switches and receptacles should carry the marking “CU-AL”. This indicates that the equipment is suitable for aluminum wiring. This marking should also appear on circuit breakers in your electrical panel. Electrical receptacles, wall switches and fuse boxes designed for use with copper wiring are not satisfactory for use with aluminum wiring.


Extremely warm cover plates, switches or receptacles. Mysteriously inoperative switches or receptacles, and smoke.

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