Total Comfort With A Radiant Heating System

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Sun Electrical are certified radiant floor heating installers for Nuheat in-floor heating systems. We have proven expertise which means we know how to install your radiant heating system for maximum lifespan, safety, energy efficiency and durability. In fact, our customers get an upgrade on their warranty – that’s 25 years of complete coverage!

Our expert electricians can recommend the right system for your needs. Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your existing home, we’ll ensure your in-floor system works correctly.  New to in-floor heating? Learn more about how a radiant heating system works. We offer a satisfaction guarantee that says “if you’re not happy, we’re not done!”

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Professional In-Floor Heating Installation

Because radiant in-floor heating systems involve electrical wiring, you want to make sure the work is done safely. Our electricians will ensure the work meets Alberta’s electrical code and will be safe for your family.

We can also advise you on the perfect radiant heating solution to avoid the issues some homeowners face when they don’t have professional quality work.

Nuheat 25 Year Total Care WarrantyWorried about how long in-floor heating lasts? Is your radiant floor heating not working? When Sun Electrical installs your in-floor heating system, you get the 25-Year Total Protection warranty. This covers not only the product itself, but repairs or replacements to the radiant in-floor heating system if needed, plus any floor covering and heating system installation costs.

Benefits Of Installing In-Floor Heating Systems

Safe With Flooring MaterialHere in Calgary, our winters are long and cold. We spend a lot of time indoors, so it makes sense to make our homes as comfortable as possible.

In-floor heating (also known as radiant heating) is the perfect way to add comfort to your home.

If you’re wondering if in-floor heating is worth it, here are the advantages to in floor heat systems from Nuheat:

  1. Easy to install. There are a lot of options available for use under surfaces like tile and wood (including engineered/laminate). Options include standard cable, mesh, mats, and custom mats.
  2. Energy-efficient. As a “low temperature” radiant heating system, radiant heating uses a larger heating area. That means you need less heat to achieve the temperature you want. It’s actually more efficient than a forced-air system, because no heat is lost in the ductwork.
  3. Perfect for homes with high ceilings. Heat starts right under your feet, where you want to feel it. You get energy efficient heat distribution as heat rises naturally.
  4. A great way to say ‘welcome home’. Radiant heating works perfectly with tiled areas like front entryways and mudrooms.
  5. Fantastic for bathrooms. With in-floor heating system, you can step out of the shower and onto a perfectly warm floor.
  6. Makes getting out of bed the morning so much easier. Eliminates that cold shock when you put your feet on the floor.
  7. You choose the temperature. Our radiant floor heating systems are controllable via thermostat, and can be programmed as needed. Nest-compatible thermostats available.
  8. Additional peace and quiet. By adding an extra layer of materials to your warm floor, in-floor heating can reduce noise levels.
  9. Doesn’t dry out the air. Unlike with furnaces, in-floor heating systems doesn’t expose your air to open flames that remove moisture.
  10. Convenience. Our solutions are virtually maintenance free.
  11. Better for allergy and asthma sufferers. Doesn’t blow dust and allergens around.

You can use in-floor heating with your furnace to achieve the perfect results for your home.

How Long Does An In-Floor Heating System Last?

A radiant in-floor heating system is made to last a long time! An electric in-floor heating system lasts around 30-40 years and a hydronic heating system expects to last around 30-50 years. Although, it’s important to maintain your heating system to keep it in tip-top shape. Without proper maintenance, you’re leaving your radiant floor heating equipment to failing mechanical parts and will need replacement to keep the heating elements working correctly.