Thermal imaging, also called infrared or IR imaging, can have a host of benefits for commercial properties:

  1. Savings. The biggest benefit to having IR imaging done is that every $1 spent on electrical preventative maintenance can save you $4 down the road in unforeseen failures of your electrical distribution system.
  2. Convenience. IR imaging requires zero downtime for your facility. IR relies on the electrical load being present; that is to say that the equipment needs to be running in order to get a proper image.
  3. Peace of mind. You’ll be able to continue production knowing that your system can handle the demands of your facility.

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What Can We Test?

At Sun Electrical, we are able to test all your major electrical components, up to and including:

  • Incoming main disconnect
  • MCC (motor control center) and switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Electrical panels
  • Fused and non-fused disconnects
  • Contactors
  • VFDs (variable frequency drive)
  • Motors and motor starters
  • Voltages of 120/240, 120/208, 277/480, 347/600

What Are We Looking For?

IR Imaging allows us to detect “hotspots” in your electrical distribution system. These hotspots can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Worn or broken breakers
  • Loose connections in your electrical panel
  • Loose connections in your electrical distribution system
  • Loose connections in plug and switch outlets
  • Worn or obsolete electrical equipment
  • Worn motor bearings
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Undersized breakers
  • Worn out or weak fuses
  • Wrong equipment used

Our certified Airdrie electricians will also perform a visual inspections on all electrical equipment for any visible damage, code infractions, or other such issues.

Once the Thermal Imaging is complete, a report will be generated at our office and will include pictures and IR images, as well as detailed information on your equipment. You will also receive a list of the repairs made on the specific pieces of equipment with before-and-after pictures. We will then deliver it to you and go over the information within the report in detail.

The Sun Electrical Advantage

Most IR imaging firms will send salespeople with minimal training to do your scans. With Sun Electrical, you get a certified journeyperson electrician who understands what they’re looking for, and when to take a closer look.

Discover the savings opportunities that IR imaging can reveal – ask for your quote today.