7 Signs You Should Replace Your Electrical Panel

Whether you’re getting your house in shape to sell, or you’re concerned about those weird electrical issues you’ve been having lately, now might be the right time to replace your electric panel.

Electrical panel replacement is a small investment, yet it offers a big payoff regarding home safety and convenience. Not sure a panel upgrade is necessary? Look out for these 7 signs telling you to replace your electric panel.

1. Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

When one of your circuit breakers keeps tripping, it’s more than a nuisance. It’s downright dangerous and is one of the main causes of short circuits. This red flag is telling you that there’s a fault in either the breaker itself, your home’s wiring, or the electrical panel. In any of these cases, have an electrician in Chestermere inspect your electrical system and replace the right part.

Also, make sure not to overload your circuit breaker panel. Big appliances and hot tubs are known for tripping circuit breakers.

2. You Live In An Old Home

Actually, this sign could more accurately be titled, “You live in an oldish home.” Like most household components, electrical panels have a limited lifespan and must occasionally be replaced as a matter of course.

How Long Do Electrical Panels Last?

Typically, electric panels last 30-50 years, more or less. That means even the electrical panel in a house built as recently as the late 80s could be worn out, putting you at risk of an electrical fire. We recommend regular professional inspection of your panel to ensure that it is still functioning correctly and safely.

3. Electrical Fires

A burnt odour, scorched outlets, outlets stopped working, or a panel that feels warm to the touch are all warning signs that you have already had one or more small-scale electrical fires. Call a Cochrane electrician ASAP for emergency electrical repair.

4. Lights Flicker

When your lights flicker when you switch on certain appliances, you’re not experiencing a problem with the light itself. Instead, it’s a signal that you are trying to draw more electricity than your panel can handle safely. So consider an electrical service upgrade.

5. Electrical Panel Smells Bad

Any unpleasant odour from your electrical panel should be investigated as soon as possible. It could be related to:

  • Charring. Check for scorched breakers or melted insulation on wiring.
  • Rust. Look for rust on the panel, indicating water infiltration. Water + Electricity = Danger! You’ll need a replacement panel installed — after the source of moisture has been tracked down and eliminated.

6. New Appliances

Are you buying a new major appliance? Congratulations! Make sure you have an electrical panel with enough juice to power it so you don’t overload the circuit box. That’s especially true for heavy power users such as a hot tub, clothes dryer, or central air conditioner.

7. Undersized Electrical Panels

Speaking of juice, many electrical panels are simply undersized for today’s needs.

Once upon a time, the standard home power rating was 50 amps; eventually, it increased to 100. Modern homes are equipped with an electrical panel of 200 amps or higher to accommodate all our power-hungry appliances.

If you’re planning a home remodel, we recommend including a new electrical panel installation. That way, you’ll be future-proof, prepared to meet the requirements of a growing household. You’ll also be adding home value for the day when you want to sell your house.

We’ll Ensure Your Electrical Panel Is Safe

If you think it might be time to replace your electrical panel box, contact Sun Electrical. Our professional electricians perform expert electrical panel replacement, repair, and inspection for Calgary area homeowners.

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