Why Are My Lights Flickering?

Why Are My Lights Flickering At Home?

When you start asking the question “Why are the lights flickering in my house?” you may feel like you’ve been watching too many horror movies. But concern about flickering lights in your home is not paranoia. Lights flickering often signal a problem with your electrical system, which can require urgent attention to avoid the danger […]

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Smart Home Calgary

How To Get Started With Smart Home Technology?

No doubt you’ve heard about smart home technology – AKA home automation – but you may be reluctant to install it because of the unknown factors and costs involved. “Is home automation worth it? Will setting up a smart home really improve my quality of life?” you ask. Let’s dig into your questions and come […]

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What Does A GFCI Do? Calgary

What Does A GFCI Do?

A GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is an important electrical safety device. What does a GFCI do? It protects people against electric shock, which in the most severe form – electrocution — is deadly. That’s the short answer. For details as to what a GFCI does and when to use it, read on. What Does […]

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When Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Do your circuit breakers trip frequently? Do you often find that your lamps or overhead lights are flickering? If you notice your electrical system doesn’t seem to be functioning as you would expect, the electrical problem may lie in your electrical panel. Calgary houses over 30 years old tend to be equipped with an electrical […]

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Can A Power Surge Destroy My Appliances?

If you’ve heard that a power surge is capable of destroying your appliances, you may wonder whether to believe it. Well, this is no internet scare story – it’s absolutely true. What’s more, the typical home today is full of valuable and sensitive electronics. Think of your refrigerator, HVAC, sound system, TV, and smart home […]

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