EV Charging Stations Level 1, 2, or 3

So you’ve made up your mind to install a home charging station for your electric vehicle. Good move! EV drivers appreciate the convenience of having a charging station close at hand. Now you need to decide which level is best for you.

What’s the difference between Level 1, 2, and 3 EV charging stations? Let’s look at each charge level and compare.

Level 1 EV Charging Stations


Cost. A Level 1 charger is the least expensive way to charge an EV and typically included free with your EV purchase.

Simple to set up. No installation is required. Simply plug it into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet. However, you may have the expense of adding an outlet in a convenient location.

Flexible. This charging station is conveniently portable — you can even take it along with you in the trunk of your car.


Slow. One hour of charge time yields only 10-16 kilometres. Fully charging your electric car will take approximately 16 hours.

Level 2 EV Charging Stations


Speed. A Level 2 charger works about twice as fast as a Level 1. Very popular for residential use. One hour of charging time provides 16-32 kilometres. A full charge will take about 6-8 hours.


Cost. This level is more expensive to buy than Level 1.

Installation. You need to have a 14-50R receptacle installed for Level 2 charging. Then you can choose to either plug a corded charger into the receptacle or have your charger hardwired in place.

Electrical requirements. Your Level 2 charging station will require its own dedicated electrical circuit. You might need to upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate the charging station, especially if you’ll be running it at the same time as other appliances that also draw a lot of electric power.

Level 3 EV Charging Stations

Also called a CHAdeMO charger or a DC fast charger, the Level 3 charging station is used mainly in commercial venues. It’s the priciest charging station, and its installation is complex. But for any business, there can be lots of benefits of installing EV charging stations.

It has one huge advantage — a Level 3 charging station is many times faster than the other two. As a DC charger, Level 3 directs current straight to your EV’s battery without going through the onboard charger. Only 10 minutes of charging is good for 65-80 kilometres. In just half an hour, your vehicle will be 80 percent charged!

When to Hire a Pro for Your EV Charging Station

Stay safe! Hire a licensed electrician from Sun Electrical when you need to:

  • Add an electrical outlet or dedicated circuit to accommodate your EV charging station
  • Hardwire your Level 2 charger
  • Upgrade your electrical panel
  • Install an EV charger surge protector

Sun Electrical Installs EV Charging Stations

Our professional charging station installers are experienced, efficient, and helpful. We’ll answer all your questions about charger installation, let you know about any special deals we’ve got going, and provide you with a fully-itemized, no-obligation quote.