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There are plenty of smart home gadgets on the market today, and if you’re looking for the best home automation system to install in Calgary, you’ve likely come across several different options.

Home automation systems are definitely worth it! A smart home system is a software hub that connects all of your smart home devices, allowing you to set up and control automation, scenes, routines, and schedules.

With so many choices available, it’s important to choose the best home automation system for your needs. Here’s a look at 10 of the most popular home automation systems.

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1. Google Nest

One of the most popular home automation systems is the Google Nest Hub. Using Google Assistant to do tasks via voice control, it works mainly as a visual interface, essentially acting as a voice-powered tablet device.

It can display all your notifications and local information such as weather, events, and schedules, and the voice commands are easy and intuitive to set up and remember. And just like other home automation systems, it can remotely control lighting, heating, security, and other various smart home devices.

Google Nest truly shines above other smart home devices with its integration with Google Services, such as web search and your personal Google accounts. When not in use, for example, it can act as a digital photo frame by showing images from your Google Photo account.

The Google Home Hub allows you to make one of the best home automation systems on the market by connecting with Google Assistant and the Google Home app, and offers a wide range of compatible devices that will allow you to potentially save money with home automation.

Samsung Smart Things Home Automation System

2. Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings features a very easy, intuitive, and straightforward user interface, so it’s a great choice if you’re new to using a smart home system. You can program your smart home devices to react to sensors and other connected devices, so you can choose whether you want your programming to be scheduled or reactive.

It plays well with most third-party smart devices, allowing you to set up simple IFTTT (If This, Then That) customizations. This is a platform that offers the most support and compatibility for a wide range of smart devices. You can control motion sensors, lightbulbs, and even washing machines through SmartThings, which makes it a true all-in-one hub.

3. Apple HomeKit

Apple Homekit Home AutomationIf you’re a diehard Apple user, Apple’s smart home platform HomeKit might be right for you. Either a HomePod mini or an Apple TV 4K can double as the hub for HomeKit, which is a good bargain if you already use either of these devices.

With the HomeKit app, you can expect the same simple, user-friendly visual design and interface as you get from all of Apple’s offerings. Smart home devices appear as cards in your mobile device, and your favourite accessories and camera feeds are accessible from the app’s home. Automations are easily added in the app, which will walk you through how to customize them.

Apple is slightly more strict in their data security and consumer privacy, so there aren’t as many smart home automation devices that will be compatible with HomeKit.

4. Amazon Echo

One of the leading hubs for a smart home automation system, Amazon Echo uses voice assistant Alexa to connect to the cloud-based service that provides music, calls, scheduling and alerts, and traffic and weather reports.

The Echo will give you access to thousands of commands and dozens of available routines that will make the most of your smart home ecosystem. With vast compatibility, it’s easy to add devices and customize your home.

5. Aqara

Aqara offers a smart starter home automation kit that can provide you with security, a house alarm, and will allow you to operate, schedule, and monitor up to 32 smart home devices.

The kit comes with sensors that notifies if a door or window has been opened, and with in-room motion sensors, you can automatically have lights turned on or off when you enter or leave a room.

The app interface is intuitive and makes setting up automations and routines easy. With an extensive range of 100+ products and integrations, Aqara can provide you with endless ways to seamlessly automate your home.

6. Wink

The Wink Hub is a versatile option for your home automation system. It offers software and hardware products that offer complete control over your smart home devices from a consolidated user interface.

The DIY home automation system has products and an app that allow you to connect with smart locks, smart speakers, smart thermostats, and a wide range of other smart gadgets that you might have.

You can create shortcuts that control multiple devices and appliances with a single swipe. Set up smart home routines for morning, bedtime, or for when you leave or return home.

7. LG ThinQ

LQ Thinq Home Automation

LG ThinQ has seamless integration with Android and Apple devices, and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If you have LQ ThinQ AI home appliances, you can start to build the right smart home system for you, and its machine learning actually studies your patterns and preferences for a uniquely personalized experience.

With a wide range of products, from TVs, refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, dishwashers, and more, LG’s smart home devices and appliances can analyze your usage patterns, saving money, time, and energy.

8. eZLO

ezlo Smart Home Automation SystemeZLO’s all-inclusive platform means you can plug and play the core device (called ATOM) and develop a network based on your desired smart home controls. Just download the app on your Android or iOS device and the ATOM communicates with the app to provide you with real-time data from all your smart home systems.

The eZLO has a big focus on home security systems, allowing you to protect your home with the level of smart home control you desire. Automate anything and create routines based on your habits and what other smart devices you have set up. See and interact with all of your security cameras, set up a smart lock for your entryways, and adjust a room’s lighting with a smart bulb—all in one customizable dashboard.

9. Caseta by LutronCaseta Lutraon logo

The Caseta smart home hub and app are the foundations for creating your connected smart home network. You can monitor and control your smart lights, shades, and smart thermostat from anywhere, so you’re always in touch with your home automation system.

The system is wireless, and its quiet frequency band is free of interference, so your wi-fi isn’t affected by whichever smart device is running. The smart home hub can be expanded and integrated with best-selling products, so you can incorporate the best in smart hub technology into your home.

10. SimpliSafe

This is a self-installed security system that connects to a central monitoring system. The SimpliSafe Home Security System has an upgraded safeguard, with an alarm that’s louder and faster than before. The home automation system can easily arm and disarm as needed because it has just three modes—home, test, and away.

The system includes glass break sensors that are extremely precise—they can distinguish between a plate breaking and an intruder smashing a window in an attempt to get inside your home. It has a wireless keypad that you can stick right next to your doors using a paint-safe adhesive.

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