5 Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations for Calgary Businesses

Clean-powered, environmentally-friendly electric vehicles are here to stay. They appear poised to take over the automotive industry. According to the Canada Energy Regulator, the number of EVs sold countrywide has been increasing exponentially. This trend is due at least partly to the federal government’s Zero-Emission Vehicles program, which offers financial incentives for purchasing or leasing a new EV or hybrid vehicle.

In addition to Tesla Motors (developer of the original electric car, the Tesla Roadster, in 2008), several major automobile manufacturers — notably Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW — are climbing aboard the EV train. General Motors optimistically forecasts that as North Americans make the switch to electric vehicles, we can look forward to “zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.”

All-electric vehicles have one thing in common; powered by high-amp batteries, they need to be recharged approximately every 400 kilometres at an EV charging station. However, the number of public charging stations has not grown in proportion to the purchases of electric vehicles. Far from a problem, this gap provides an excellent opportunity for forward-thinking Calgary business operators.

Installing EV charging stations at your facility offers the following benefits.

1. Attract EV Driving Customers

Many drivers of electric vehicles have already installed a residential Level 2 electric vehicle charger in their garage. They are unwilling to make a special trip to a charging facility while away from home. When heading out to do business — perhaps making a purchase or renting an apartment — EV drivers will use phone apps to search for locations equipped with charging stations.

These are the businesses they are most likely to patronize, as both first-time and repeat customers. Therefore, the installation of a commercial Level 3 charging station gives you a clear competitive advantage.

2. Entice And Retain EV Driving Employees

Customers are not the only people who a convenient on-site EV charging station will attract. You will also increase your pool of potential employees. As a general rule, you can expect electric vehicle owners to be innovative and open to cutting-edge technology — the type of individuals who will be assets to your company. As an additional benefit, you will increase loyalty among your current employees, who will also appreciate the amenity.

3. Demonstrate Your Commitment To The Environment

Brand image is essential in the 21st-century marketplace. Clients are highly motivated to seek out socially responsible businesses which demonstrate values such as a commitment to “green” transport and sustainability. Charging station installation will help your firm earn a prestigious  BOMA BEST (Building Environmental Standards) certification, tangible proof of your commitment to the environment.

4. Increase Your Property Value

Today’s top names in commercial real estate, including Simon Property Group and Federal Realty Investment Trust, as well as business leaders such as Walmart and Kroger, recognize the importance of electric vehicle charger installation. Follow their example and add charging stations to your parking facilities to increase your property’s value.

5. Motivate Customers To Stay Longer

In the 2020s, consumers tend to shop differently — often online in small discrete time frames throughout the day. However, as the pandemic winds down, shopping and dining at central locations like malls regain their former popularity. In addition, when drivers of electric vehicles venture out, they will be encouraged to stay longer at your business (increased “dwell time”) and, as a result, spend more money.

Choose The Commercial EV Charger Installation Experts

When you’re ready to install electric vehicle chargers at your Calgary business, rely on the experts. Sun Electrical employs a team of qualified EV charging station installers who are skilled and experienced commercial electricians.