Sun Solar Safety Calgary

At this moment in time, everyone’s health and safety are top of mind. COVID-19 isn’t just affecting Canadians but is being felt across the entire world. While it’s great everyone’s practicing social distancing, the things we use every day are still going to malfunction.

When your power goes out 10 mins before that big Zoom call, what do you do? How does one get their electrical issues fixed without being at risk?

As an essential service, Sun Electrical is still open for business. We understand the severity of this crisis and are making sure all the right steps and precautions are taken to keep our customers and employees safe from COVID-19. Here’s what we’re doing:

Online Consultation

Sun Solar puts a lot of importance in practicing physical distancing. We’d usually send our electrician to a customer’s home in order to look at and discuss the desired install or electrical issue. Now thanks to technology, we will be minimizing face-to-face contact by conducting our consultations online.

Our electricians will be able to communicate with you through Zoom, Facetime, phone call, email and any other virtual methods of communicating. With our online consultations, we will do our best to assess the situation virtually by talking to you and reviewing video or pictures of the electrical issue together.

99% of the time this allows our electricians to know exactly what to do before they arrive at the job site, making their job quick and efficient.

Clean & Sanitize

At Sun Solar, we pride ourselves on our cleanliness. Our electricians are trained to leave a job clean and sparkling. But with the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions to make sure our electricians are coronavirus-free, including face masks and protective coverings like latex gloves and boot covers.

Before and after every job, our electricians will be disinfecting the work area, tools and equipment. We encourage all customers to do another clean after our electricians have left the job site. Our electricians will also wash and sanitize their hands frequently and as needed.

Physical Distancing

When our electricians are on-site, we ask that all customers keep their distance while they work. According to the City Of Calgary, you should be 2 metres away from others, approximately the length of a bicycle. If there are any children or elderly on site, please have them in another room during the job.

Pay Online

We prefer that all payments be made online. Whether that’s through e-transfer or by providing your credit card information over the phone, we simply want to minimize the number of face-to-face interactions. If you desire to pay in another manner, please talk to your electrician during your online consultation and the vast majority of the time we can make accommodations.

Stay Safe

Above all, we care about Calgary’s safety. Last thing we want is people putting themselves at risk when they don’t feel safe. But, life doesn’t stop, even if play dates, house parties and dining out have.

If you have any electrical issues that need attention during this quarantine or questions about other safety measures we’re taking, talk to one of our representatives at 403-214-8888.