Tips To Save Electricity During Winter

We Calgary residents tend to use a lot of electricity attempting to stay comfortable in the winter months… but then we pay the price in the form of shockingly high utility bills. It’s a good thing that saving money on electrical power can be surprisingly easy and practically painless. Just try the eight tips below.

Install LED Lights

LED bulbs are extremely energy-efficient since they use approximately 70 to 90 percent less power than old-fashioned incandescent bulbs… and last 10-15 times longer! True, changing your home lighting and holiday lights to LEDs will require a small initial cash outlay, but the investment will quickly pay for itself in savings on your electric bill. TIP: Save even more by putting your holiday lighting on a timer.

Seal Openings In Your Home

Those cracks and openings in your exterior walls let in cold air in the form of wintry breezes – and let out the warm air that’s been heated by your furnace. Brrr! Seal your home up nice and cozy with caulk, putty, or weatherstripping. Draught proof electrical outlets with foam gaskets. (These fixes will also save you electricity when you run your air conditioning in the summer.)

Unplug Standby Appliances

Many of your appliances — like the TV, mobile phone charger, or Xbox – consume electric power even if they are set to standby mode. We call these “energy vampires.” Fight their evil intentions by unplugging them when not in use. Or simplify your life by connecting these appliances to a power strip, so that you can turn several devices off at the same time.

Install Energy Star Products

Look for the Energy Star symbol before you purchase major electrical products, such as new heating and cooling equipment, electric appliances, lighting, or electronics. This badge shows you that you’re getting a tested, certified top performer that excels in energy efficiency. Energy Star also certifies windows and patio doors that conserve energy by insulating the glass and minimizing heat transfer.

Utilize Smart Home Technology

Installing smart home technology is a smart move when you’re out to save electricity in winter. An easy-to-program smart thermostat will allow you to control your heat remotely, wherever you happen to be. Some smart thermostats even offer a learning feature, which will create a customized heating program as it “learns” your household’s daily habits. (Be sure to pick a smart thermostat designed for your type of heating system.) Learn more about how you can get started with smart home technology.

Maintain Your Heating System

Whatever your heating system may be – furnace, heat pump, electric baseboards, or radiant in-floor heating — it will run more efficiently when you take care of it right. Scheduling regular annual maintenance and tune-ups, as well as prompt repair as needed, will help you save on your energy bills. At the same time, you and your family will stay warm and comfortable.

Let The Sun In

Here’s a simple, good old-fashioned tip: Open up your curtains during the day, to let in the warming rays of the sun (especially those south-facing windows). Then, close the drapes in the evening to keep out the nighttime chill. Installing thermal window treatments (designed with several layers of material) are an affordable way to reduce heat transfer in every season.

Change The Rotation Of Your Ceiling Fan

Running a ceiling fan in winter might seem counterintuitive. The fact is, though, that your trusty fan can circulate heated air extra efficiently throughout your house, permitting you to lower the thermostat a degree or two. What’s the secret? You have to change the fan rotation so that it runs clockwise and turn the dial to its lowest setting.

Save with Sun Electrical

Would you like to help saving money on your residential electricity this winter? Contact Sun Electrical for:

  • Maintenance and repair to keep your Calgary home electrical system in efficient shape
  • Installation of energy-saving LED lights
  • Smart home technology installation