Has opening your electric bill become a horror movie? The envelope flap creeks, the pages turn towards the dreaded price page and *gasp*, the energy bill.

Electricity is apart of our everyday lives. From our cooking, heating, cleaning, lighting to luxuries, we depend on electricity to live.

But how do you combat a high electric bill? You could live by candle-light or channel your inner Bear Grylls but instead of going to those extremes, follow these simple ways to save money on electricity.

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1. Chill Out on the Heat & Air Conditioning

No matter what season we’re in, it seems like we’re always attempting to counter the outside weather. When the weather’s too hot, we want to cool off. When it’s too cold, we want to warm up. But, heating and cooling costs can be expensive.

2. Are your Bills in Hot Water?

A good chunk of your bills comes from water heating. According to the DOE, your water heating can contribute to 18% of your overall utility bill after heating and cooling.

Some practical ways of cutting down on hot water are by:

  • Setting your washing machine on cold cycle
  • Spending less time or stop taking hot showers
  • Not overusing your hot water
  • Lowering your water heater to 49°C or 120°F
  • Running your dishwasher on full-loads only

3. Save with Solar Panels

The new energy-saving trend is installing solar panels. But, for good reason. Solar panels are an effective way to save money on electricity.

Solar panels work by allowing particles of light (protons) to extract solar energy (electrons) from atoms to create electrical energy.

Solar panels can power many of the products and services that we mention in this article.

If you have any questions, Sun Electrical specialize and install solar panels. We’ll guide you through the process and explain how much solar panels really save you.

4. All of the LED Lights

When focusing on light bulbs, the traditional choice would be the incandescent bulbs because they’ve been around for so long.

But, there’s a better and cheaper way. LED bulbs have become the superior light bulb and have the stats to prove it.

To receive an accurate estimate on how much you save with LED lights within the Alberta province, use this Canadian Tire LED estimator. Incandescent bulbs and halogens are being phased-out by the Government of Canada, so why not upgrade to LEDs?

5. Home Appliances

Finally, home appliances are another reason your electric bill is through the roof. Whether it’s an efficient product or not, there are always other solutions to help you save more in the long run.

A few ways to save money on electricity is by:

  • Hanging up wet clothes to dry
  • Setting your washing machine on cold cycle
  • Avoiding ovens or toaster ovens, replace with barbecuing or non-cooked meals
  • Avoiding peak hours when washing clothes
  • Keep fridge and freezer door closed, check seals for escaping air

Be Electricity Conscious

To be energy-efficient, it’s important to be conscious of the electricity you’re using daily.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when considering ways to save on electricity:

  1. Do the products I own need to be permanently plugged in?
  2. Are the products I own “ENERGY STAR” products?
  3. Am I overusing products that require electricity?
  4. Should I be leaving products “on” that aren’t currently in use?
  5. Could I be spending less time using specific products?

By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to indicate other ways to save on electricity and create your own list of good saving tips and habits.

Inspect, Repair, Save

Saving money on electricity requires you to spend time, to adjust to good habits that become apart of your everyday routine.

When considering these 5 ways to save money on electricity, Sun Electrical provides many services to help you implement these methods.

From LED lighting to solar panels, Sun Electrical provides you with the best service while saving you money.

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