LED Light Bulb

LED (light-emitting diode) lights are more and more popular today. However, if you’re happily using traditional incandescent bulbs, halogens, or compact fluorescents in your residential or commercial light fixtures, you may wonder why you should switch to LEDs.

To answer your question, there’s a lot of evidence pointing to LED lights as a smarter choice. Here are 7 top reasons to change to LEDs.

1. Energy Efficient

The energy produced by incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lights consists of 90 % heat and 10 percent light. By contrast, LED bulbs produce 95 percent light and only 5 percent heat, so you’ll need a much lower wattage to get the same amount of visible light. That means you’ll be reducing your energy consumption – a nice green move! Many LED products are Energy Star-certified as proof of their high performance standard.

2. Money-Saving

Although LED lights used to cost significantly more than other types of lighting, their purchase price has dramatically decreased in recent years. Take into account your lower hydro bill, as well, and you’ll save a nice sum of money on electricity with LEDs.

3. Long-Lasting

LED lights are more resistant to impact and vibration than other types because they don’t make use of fragile glass bulbs or filaments. They also have an operational life of 25,000 hours minimum, which translates to about 22 years of normal residential use. That’s 3 times longer than CFLs and 25 times longer than incandescents or halogens.

4. Easy-Care

The long service life of LEDs means you can basically say goodbye to that old routine of emergency trips to the hardware store when you run out of lightbulbs or balancing on a ladder as you try to replace a tricky overhead light.

5. Low-Heat

Since they produce substantially less heat, LED lights won’t add unwanted warmth to your home in the summer, and will help keep down your air conditioning costs as a result. You’ll also avoid light bulbs from burning out, lightbulbs from flickering and fire hazard posed by highly heat-generating lights.

6. Non-Toxic

Mercury, a toxic chemical which is dangerous to human health and the environment as a whole, is a component of CFL and incandescent bulbs – but is not found in LEDs. LED lights are toxin-free and completely recyclable.

7. Flexible

LEDs offer endless, flexible possibilities, since they can be designed in an enormous range of applications, shapes, sizes, and wattages. This makes them an exciting choice for decorative holiday lighting displays.

Exciting New Options

There is a whole new range of LED home lighting installation upgrades available to Calgary homeowners. Here are a few examples:

  • Slim Profile. Ultra-thin LED pot lights don’t require an electrical box. Because you won’t need bulkheads, these simple-to-install lights are perfect for a basement renovation.
  • Colour Changing. Toggle easily between colour temperature – incandescent, daylight, and bright white – to match the lighting in your room. Or go wild! LED lights let you choose from literally millions of colours to add atmosphere to your space.
  • Dimmable. Unlike early versions, many modern LED lights are dimmable without that annoying flickering.
  • Outdoor. Outdoor LED installation, like driveway or landscape lighting, looks fantastic, cuts your electricity bills, and means you won’t have to schlep out into the cold to change burnt-out bulbs. There are even solar LEDs.
  • Smart. Control your LED smart lights from anywhere with your phone. Often, smart lights don’t even need a hub, just your home Wi-Fi. Set up a customizable system, with features such as voice control and indoor motion sensing (saves energy by switching off lights in unoccupied rooms!).

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